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Massage By Megan is dedicated to providing a holistic healing experience through massage therapy. 

Located inside Arbor Hair Studio, where we value an environment that fosters positivity, our space is a gateway to rejuvenation and restoration. Using proven teachings infused with modern techniques, certified massage therapist Megan Lommel will craft a personalized massage experience that honors your unique journey to wellness.

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Therapeutic Massage

Reduce muscle tension and alleviate stress or anxiety with varied techniques like kneading, compression, or cupping.

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The Trigger Point Special

An intense form of muscle tension relief used to melt away trigger points or “knots” with varied tools, such as massage guns, hot stones, or Gua Sha Stone.

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Reflexology Massage

Applying pressure by thumb and finger walking in specific reflex areas to stimulate the body’s system and support its efforts to function properly.

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Hot Stone Massage

A form of body work that involves heated stones applied for relaxation, circulation, and chronic muscle pain relief.

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Prenatal Massage

Massage for expecting mothers focused to ease tension, boost circulation, aid in mobility, and promote relaxation.

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We offer a curated selection of all-natural massage products to purchase after your massage

Choose from a variety of massage and hand tools, bath salts, handmade warmers, ice pack holders, and more items that are always being added!